Survey of external plant for extensions or existing networks and internal plant. We also relieve MDUs for the subsequent vertical design, including photographs of the enclosures and terrace in case of existing networks

  • External Plant
  • MDU
New Build Mapping

The information gathered, we turn it into a digital format.

  • Demographics
  • Existing Networks
  • MDU

We perform the calculation and drawing of HFC and FTTH network both horizontal and vertical (MDU)

  • HFC Networks
  • FTTx Networks
  • MDU
  • Analysis of equipment and generation of specifications in different formats
Project Managment

We manage your project from the initial stage to the construction. In addition, we provide trained resources, to perform field supervision, of the contractors who carry out the construction.


In case you don't have digital plans, we offer you a solution providing georeferenced and updated cartographies in the desired format.


We relieve and dimension HUBs and OLTs, generating digital plans of the structure of the site, including racks with equipment, photographs of each equipment, supply room and others.